Multiply your money with a multifamily property investment

There’s no better time to grow your real estate investment portfolio than today. I can help you secure your next multi-family property — hiccup and headache-free.

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Whether you’re investing for cash flow, taking advantage of historic appreciation, or pursuing a house-hacking opportunity, I’ve got the intel to be your personal real estate investment coach.

As a multi-family property investor myself (one fourplex going on two), I know how gratifying it is to finally begin the process of investing in real estate . I also know how intimidating it can be when you’re just dipping your toe into this world.

The investing process can be intricate, to say the least. But with my lifelong knowledge of the Tacoma market, certification in property appraisal, and over 10 years of public policy experience in local government, I’ve learned to make sense of the system.

Proud to serve active military and veterans

Did you know that you can also use your VA loan to buy multi-family investment properties … for potentially zero down? Yep, I’m serious.

Investing with your VA loan has its own nuances and regulations, and over the past few years, I've become quite specialized in those nuances. One of my career highlights was helping a VA buyer get a duplex purchased in 21 days, right on time for him to report to his new assignment.

If you’re an active military member or veteran, I’d be glad to guide you through the process and make a plan unique to you.

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Anders is an expert in his field, and his counsel saved us tens of thousands of dollars in concessions and repairs in an extremely hot seller’s market. We entrusted him with a fully virtual experience as we are an active duty military family. Our trust in him was so profound that we went under contract on our near million dollar investment property, site unseen except for his in-depth guided Zoom showings and analysis. If you are looking for an agent that can calculate value and prevent you from overpaying, give Anders a call.

– Vivian Lekowski, multi-family investor

We were out of state buyers and new to Washington. Anders helped us navigate the intricacies of the super competitive WA market. He was patient and insightful in helping us find the perfect multi-family property to achieve our investment goals. We would definitely recommend Anders to anyone looking for a house from first time homebuyers to experienced real-estate investors.

– Alice Finseth, multi-family investor

Buying a rental property in Tacoma from NJ has many challenges. Anders was awesome from the first phone call we had, to the final closing and beyond. (he called the other day just to see how things were going!) He took time learning and understanding our needs, and clearly was an advocate for us through the process – sometimes I thought he was buying the house! His knowledge of the market and Washington laws and process was invaluable in helping us locate and win the bid for the perfect house.

– Phil Pfisterer, Tacoma investor

Anders was a pleasure to work with! Very professional, responsive and transparent throughout the whole process, definitely took a lot of the stress out of selling a rental property, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Would definitely recommend!

– Virginia Babasa, South Tacoma home seller

We had a difficult rental property to sell, and many agents might have said it wasn’t possible or tossed roadblocks in the way of the sale. Anders spent extra time looking into the situation and researching solutions. In a much shorter time than expected, we sold our home for a reasonable amount and with much less difficulty than we had expected. We look forward to working with Anders again in the future and strongly recommend him.

– Laura Brewer, South Tacoma condo seller

Buying our rental house with Anders help was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. We appreciated that he took the time to get as many details from us about what we were looking for so we didn’t waste time looking at properties that weren’t right. Throughout the process he kept us informed and was easy to get in touch with. He seems to know everyone so every question we had was answered quickly. We highly recommend Anders Ibsen!

– Nancy Parsons, Tacoma investor

Anders and the rest of the team were nothing less than outstanding throughout the entire process. They offered their expertise and answered any questions we had while trying to purchase a home as an investment property. If you choose Anders and his team I am confident that you will be extremely pleased.

– Darrick Hartman, North End homeowner

Anders’ expertise and background in city zoning laws was essential to be able to secure a cash-flowing investment property in this hot Tacoma market. Originally when I began my search, I was looking for multi-family properties that fit within my financial guidelines — a hard proposition. By leaning on Anders’ knowledge, I was able to get creative and find a value-add in the Proctor neighborhood. I’m currently in the process of a garage-to-ADU conversion with the help of someone in his sphere, and I couldn’t be more excited.

– Mark DePaul, North End homeowner

My tried-and-true strategy

Over the years, I’ve crafted my tried-and-true strategy to help buyers secure their multi-family investment properties. Knowing the numbers, market, and process of investing in real estate helps me avoid needlessly long searches and waste as little time as possible.

Here’s how we’ll work together:

  • Step 1: Goal-Setting

    First, we’ll get together to get a clear understanding of your goals and timeline.

  • Step 2: Market Debrief

    I’ll walk you through the market, industry standards, regional business practices, and consumer behaviors in the area.

  • Step 3: Formulating a Plan

    We’ll outline how we’ll search and what a winning offer actually looks like, then start planning next steps, like securing your pre-approval and starting your property search.

  • Step 4: Create a Winning Offer

    After finding the desired property, I’ll help you write a strong offer and have the lender call the listing broker to speak to your strengths as a borrower. I’ll also call the listing agent to make the best possible case for you.

  • Step 5: The Details

    Upon mutual acceptance of the offer, I’ll manage depositing earnest money, scheduling a walkthrough and appraisal, and acquiring financials for the building. We’ll use the inspection to get as many concessions as possible. If repairs are needed, I’ll make sure a qualified contractor performs them in a timely manner.

  • Step 6: Closing

    I’ll stay on top of the lender to ensure that the appraisal and underwriting go smoothly and quickly until Closing Day.

  • Step 7: Ongoing Communication

    Once you’re a client, you’ll always be a client. So even after we’ve closed on your new investment property, I’ll help you sail through the post-closing process. And even years down the road, I will always be just one phone call away if you - or anyone you know - ever need anything, or if you're looking to grow your portfolio further.

Let’s team up

Whether you’re a first-time real estate investor or looking to expand your reach, I can help you make smart moves to build an impressive portfolio. If you’re decisive, ready to trust my process, and hungry to acquire new properties, then we’re going to make a great team.