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2024 JBLM Housing allowance

See the chart below for a helpful summary of your basic allowance for housing, with the most recent numbers.


Without Dependents

With Dependents



















Commute Times to JBLM Main Gate

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Rent vs. Own

If you’re considering using your VA entitlement to buy your first home, see the chart below to find out how buying compares to continuing to rent.

Enter your ideal home price and mortgage rate to see your equity after 2+ years.



Renter Equity

Owner Equity













Facts or Myths Rent Vs. Own

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    Buying a home requires a 20% down payment.

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    VA home loans require NO down payment.

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    Your VA entitlement can only be used on one home purchase for your entire life.

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    You can buy as many homes with VA financing as you like, based on how much of your current entitlement is left.

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    It’s not worth buying if I’m only going to PCS in a few years.

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    After living in your home for one year, you can rent the home that you bought with your VA loan. Many servicemembers build up incredible investments over the years by doing this.

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