Helpful Services

As a home seller or buyer in our area, here is a list of helpful government services and non-profits you may be interested in.

  • TPU Rebate Programs

    If you’re a Tacoma Power customer, you can qualify for an incredible amount of rebates or credits for home improvements like ductless heat pumps, insulation, windows, or plumbing enhancements.

  • Tacoma Side Sewer Loan

    If you’re a City of Tacoma resident, you can receive a low-interest loan for up to $10,000 to repair or replace your side sewer.

  • Down Payment Assistance

    Zero-to-low interest loan that can help you with your down payment on a house you want. Anyone in Washington State with a household income under $145,000 per year can qualify for this.

  • Home Rehab Loan

    If you’re a Tacoma resident, you can qualify for up to $30,000 for structural repairs to your home like roof replacement, foundation work, or windows.

  • Downtown on the Go

    Work downtown? You can potentially qualify for up to several thousand dollars at closing if you purchase a home in Tacoma!

  • Sound Outreach

    Credit counseling, debt consolidation, financial literacy, and many other helpful financial services.

  • Call-2-Haul

    If you have items you want to get rid of like appliances, furniture, or other items that you can’t normally put in the garbage, you can put those items on your curbside and the City of Tacoma will pick it up for free. You can use this service twice per year.

  • Tacoma Crime Map

    Curious about safety in your neighborhood, or anywhere in the city? This interactive GIS map updates in real time based on 911 call data.